Welsh Assembley
First Minister Carwyn Jones
Party Assembly Members
Independent 2
Plaid Cymru 11
Welsh Conservative Group 1
Welsh Conservative Party 11
Welsh Labour 29
Welsh Liberal Democrats 1
Source Document
The Welsh Government White Paper: Securing Wales' Future. Also here.
Summary: Securing Wales' Future. Also here.
BBC Brexit will need immigration compromise, Carwyn Jones says
BBC UK must keep EU free movement, says Plaid's Leanne Wood
Welsh Assembly Welsh Assembly calls for full access to the Single Market, through membership of the EEA and/or EFTA
The Guardian Plaid Cymru will fight for Wales's self-governing future after the leave vote




Scottish Parliament
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
Party Members of Scottish Parliament
No Party Affiliation 1
Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party 31
Scottish Green Party 6
Scottish Labour 23
Scottish Liberal Democrats 5
Scottish National Party 63
Source Document
The Scottish Government Scotland’s Place in Europe
Also here.
The Scottish Government Consultation on a Draft Referendum Bill
Also here.
The Scottish Green Party Scottish independence
BBC Nicola Sturgeon warns PM she is not bluffing on indyref2
Reuters Scotland wants EU market access, more powers as UK goes for Brexit
Wikipedia The procedure for a 2nd Scottish Independence Referendum 
The Scottish Government Latest Economy Statistics Publications
Export Statistics Scotland
Herald Scotland Orkney examines post-Brexit independence possibility



Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Assembley
Deputy First Minister ? (Martin McGuinness resigned 09/01/2017)
First Minister ? (Arlene Foster pre 09/01/2017)
Party Members of the Legislative Assembly
Alliance Party 8
Democratic Unionist Party 28
Green Party 2
Independent 1
People Before Profit Alliance 1
Sinn Féin 27
Social Democratic and Labour Party 12
Traditional Unionist Voice 1
Ulster Unionist Party 10
Source Document
Sinn Féin The Case For The North To Achieve Designated Special Status Within The EU. Also here.
Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) SDLP Leader’s address to European Leaders on Special Status for Northern Ireland
Alliance Party Prime Minister comments show why Northern Ireland needs Special Status, says Farry
Ulster Unionist Party Cross-border trade must continue unhindered after Brexit - Kinahan
The Independent Brexit result: Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness calls for border poll on united Ireland
The Irish Times State to seek automatic EU entry for NI in event of unification 
BBC Brexit: NI Assembly 'should have power over freedom of movement'
The London School of Economics and Political Science Northern Ireland and Brexit: Struggling and divided over ‘what next’
The Guardian Northern Ireland must not be 'collateral damage' of Brexit, report says 




The Gibraltar Parliament
Chief Minister Fabian Picardo
Party Members of Parliament
Gibraltar Liberal Party 3
Gibraltar Social Democrats 6
Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party 7
Independent 1
Source Document
The Guardian Rocked by Brexit vote, Gibraltar lays plans for new kind of EU relationship 
Politico Gibraltar seeks special Brexit deal



England & UK

Houses of Parliament
Prime Minister Theresa May
Party Members of Parliament
Conservative 317
Democratic Unionist Party 10
Green Party 1
Independent  1
Labour 262
Liberal Democrat 12
Plaid Cymru 4
Scottish National Party 35
Sinn Féin 7
Speaker 1
Source Document
Exiting the European Union Committee, House of Commons The Government's negotiating objectives: the White Paper; Third Report of Session 2016-17.
Also here.
HM Government The Great 'Repeal' Bill: White Paper.
Also here.
Business Insider Theresa May's Great Repeal Bill will be the biggest political power grab of modern times.
HM Government The United Kingdom's exit from and new partnership with the European Union (12 point white paper).
Also here.
The government's 12 negotiating objectives for exiting the EU.
HM Government Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union
Also here.
Exiting the European Union Committee, House of Commons The Government's negotiating objectives: the rights of UK and EU citizens; Second Report of Session 2016-17.
Also here.
Lords Brexit: financial services report
Also here.
Office for Budget Responsibility Economic and fiscal outlook
Also here.
The Guardian Philip Hammond admits Brexit vote means £122bn extra borrowing
BBC WTO chief Robert Azevedo: Post-Brexit trade 'uncertain'.
Institute for Government Brexit Explained: 10 things to know about the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Exiting the European Union Committee, House of Commons The process for exiting the European Union and the Government's negotiating objectives; First Report of Session 2016-17.
Also here.
Institute for Government Whitehall’s preparation for the UK’s exit from the EU.
Also here.
Liberal Democrat The Liberal Democrat Plan for Britain in Europe
Wikipedia The British Polling Council
HM Government European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill 2016-17.
Bill documents & Amendment papers.


Party/Group Lords
Bishops 25
Conservative 253
Crossbench 175
Democratic Unionist Party 3
Green Party 1
Independent Labour 2
Independent Social Democrat 1
Independent Ulster Unionist 1
Labour 201
Liberal Democrat 102
Non-affiliated 30
Plaid Cymru 1
UK Independence Party 3
Ulster Unionist Party 2



Why One Petition?

  • There is now only one petition (on 

On 23/Apr/2017 the 'UK Government and Parliament Petitions team' said that they would close all petitions early on 03/May/2017, citing the general election on 08/Jun/2017 as the reason for closing them. 

  • The petition does not expire, and it will be delivered to all these people: 

The Parliament Petitions Committee.
The Prime Minister.
The Government. 
DExEU (The Department for Exiting the EU)
The Exiting the European Union Committee (Brexit Select Committee).
MPs (Members of Parliament).
The Lords.
UK MEPs (Members of the European Parliament).
The Queen.

  • The petition would have been put forward for debate in Parliament if it reached 100,000. It was originally due to expire in July 2017. The petition would have been delivered to only the Parliament Petitions Committee.



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